Tuesday, September 14, 2010

See more stuff!

I was invited to a baby shower for someone from work so knit up 2 super soft baby washcloths out of some Knit Pick's Shine dk I had in stash. I need to give them a wash. I plan to wrap them up with some cute baby soap.
I dyed this up a few weeks ago I plan to keep this and knit a sweater for myself. The sun washed out the color a bit. It is really dark blue almost black in some places. I call it Tardis 10.yes I'm a dork. I love me the Doctor. I can't wait to knit this up after I finish Mom's sweater.

Here we have the grey socks. I really like them. The yarn is from Cascade. I think it is called Handpaints. It is a superwash merino nylon blend. Knits up very nicely.
In other news:
This is a very busy 2 weeks for us. 2 big events at the school and 2 birthdays. This weekend I will have 6 extra little girls here for a sleep over. I have a feeling it will be loud!

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