Saturday, May 31, 2008

Slow news day

Not much to report today. Just it is the last day for the dishwasher free shipping sale in the shop. Click the link in the side bar and put dishwasher fund in the notes to seller.
Back soon with pics from yesterdays dye pot!

Friday, May 30, 2008


We have a little sunshine this morning. Everything outside is wet but the sun is out at least for now.

Miss V sent us all home last night when it looked like the storm was upon us. I made it home before anything really bad happened here but Miss V tells me she had some fun stuff hit her place. Hope you're dry now Miss V! I would have stayed home last night but when ever I stay home I miss all the good stuff. Last night we had the Bad Baby names book and D was on a roll! Dyetara will have to bring that book back next time. (hope you are feeling better.)
I am going to try to go out and help Miss V dye up the next TLE order next week. Should be fun if the weather is good.

That's all for now, must go out in the sunshine.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

FO knee socks

The knee socks are done! In retrospect I would have added another 15 rounds of ribbing to the top. Other than that I love them. If it is not to hot I will wear them to EPWM. The color is really wonderful. The colorway is Brombeere. (Wollmeise 100% superwash merino) This yarn comes with a put up of 575 yards. I have a little bit left over. Do you like my pj's? they say Bite it Sideways. I love Happy Bunny.

After finishing the socks I cast on this shawl. I must be nuts. It is knit top down starting with 5 sts. The whole top part is stockinette so I have a while before I get to the charts. I have never knit from lace charts before. This should be fun. Right?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indy returns...

So after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark Sunday night with the MK's (MB was bored to death) we took them to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yesterday. I was a little unsure if I wanted to see it. I was afraid Indy wouldn't do it for me anymore if you know what I mean...
Well I can say it was a pretty good movie. Not near as good as Raiders but what could be? It was great to see Karen Allen back. Hubby and I had pretty much guessed the plot for Marion and Indy before the movie even started. It was good to see them play Indy in a realistic way age wise and to see a mature women cast opposite him rather than some 20 something year old starlet. I won't say much but Kate Blanchette is amazing. I love her in everything. George Luscas has said no more Indy but this movie sets it up really well.
MB was pretty bored during the movie but MG loved it. She is a big Indy fan now. Good girl.

Did you know Karen Allen is a knit ware designer and runs her own shop? check it out. Really beautiful colorwork.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Toph the Destroyer

Toph loves to chew. This was the chair I sat in on our deck to watch the kids play in the park. Toph the Destroyer got to it and here it is now. The one arm is gone and there is no seat left. She did this Thursday evening while I was out. Hubby and the kids were watching a movie downstairs and did not even notice. Hubbys chair looks much the same. Toph killed that one and dragged it out to the yard for more chewing. Oh well better a pair of $7.99 lawn chairs than my couch.

Here is the little shawl I knit up for MIL. The yarn is an angora blend and super soft. The pattern is very simple. You see it here unblocked. I need to clear the guest bed for blocking. I started a wedding gift for Hubby's step sister. The wedding is in 2 weeks I hope I can finish it.

Well that is all for now. Everyone is home today. We may go see a movie if the sun doesn't come out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Catch up

We have had 3 days of rain and ick here so I have not taken picture of my finished knitting. This afternoon looks promising though.

I am starting to get a little pissed at my wheel. I just got humming along and the flyer stopped turning. The direst drive slips on the wheel causing the flyer to not turn. When I get this fixed the yarn won't wind on to the bobbin and I have to muck with the tension. When that is set right no spin on the flyer! This is making me very unhappy at the moment. I was just starting to get the hang of the drafting. I hope to try some wheels while to the wool market. We will see.

Knitting is chugging right along, I turned the heel of the 2nd knee sock and am working the foot now. They are pretty but kind of boring to knit. I have been playing around with a little lace project. I like knitting the lace but I really have to pay attention. This is not something I can do very often because of the monsters. By the time I pick it up at night I am tired and just want to zone out.I have ripped 3 times already. Maybe I'll finish it by Christmas. I knit up a little project I liked so well I'm not gonna show you. Sorry but I am thinking about writing up the pattern and submitting it to someone to publish. I think it turned out super cool. We will see what happens. It's a winter item so it may take a while.

In shop news I ordered some superwash worsted for 2 special orders. I should have it next week. as well as a new colorway in sock yarn. Fun stuff.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I was wrong

David Cook Won American Idol. I was stunned, this is the first time hubby and I have called it wrong. Good for him. I hope they let him make a good cd and not a poppy borefest.

and he won by 12 million votes! if we could get that many people out to vote in November it would be a miracle.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dishwasher update

Well I am well on my way to my new dishwasher! Knitters are just the nicest people. I will have the free shipping running until June 1st. I might just make it after all! This is a good thing as the fun of washing dishes has faded for the MK's. MB thinks we should eat out until the new DW comes. Silly boy!

Just a quick note to all the political pundits. Hillary has NOT broken the glass ceiling. It will not be broken until a woman wins the White house and all women get equal pay and the gov't stops tyring to tell women what we can and can not do with our bodies. Please stop saying she has broken the glass ceiling. She has smacked her head on it harder than anyone else but broken? not yet. I wonder if I will live to see the day...

And a quick note on American Idol: I am pretty sure David A will win. Poor kid cried all through last nights show. I hope he doesn't faint dead away when Seacrest tells him he has won. I like the other David but I think he will be better off if he doesn't win.

Tommrow I should have knitting to blog about! with pictures!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wow! I was Chummed!

Yes I know it may sound strange to non knitters but I was chummed. Lime & Violet's Daily Chum is one of the blogs I read everyday. I pulled it up yesterday to find my own yarn! (I had not yet seen Adminnies comment about it). I did a little(ok big) Happy dance around the room!
I have been packing orders this morning. Woo Hoo! We are on our way to that new dishwasher! Remember free shipping until June 1st!

I just want to Thank Adminnie and Miss V for thinking of me. You guys Rock! I am so bringing treats on Thursday. I just want to add here that Miss V and Adminnie and all the rest of the S&B gals welcomed me into there group as if I were an old friend at a time when I really needed it. If you are not so lucky to know them in real life I can tell you, you are missing out. I'd say more but they both may smack me as it is.

Also Big Thanks to the L&N Nation for helping me out. It makes me smile. My knitters hands thank you.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The day the dish washer died...

was yesterday. Full of dirty dishes I now had to wash by hand. It had lived a long life. The old owners of our house bought good stuff. The thing was a Kitchen Aide installed in 1982. They had saved the booklet for us. We will miss the dishwasher...

This of course means I need to sell some yarn to cover the cost of a new dishwasher. So if you buy yarn form Bunkybobos from now until June 1st and put the words dishwasher fund in the notes to seller I will give you free shipping. I will refund the shipping cost right to you!

I will also have some new things for the shop this week. Some felting yarns and a new colorway in sock yarn. Fun stuff!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Pack and other wild things

We have had really nice weather the last few days. It has been great to be outside with the MK's and the dogs. We seen to have a roaming pack of 11-14 year old boys in the area now. They gather in the park behind our house (if not for the fence this park would be in our yard). This pack is kind of destructive. The other day one boy took his baseball bat and beat the bark off of one of the trees. They have also broken out a plexi panel be the top of the slide and just yesterday broke one of the swings. I know a few names but I can never pin down which one is which. They know when I am watching. I have taken to sitting on the porch with my cell phone.
The pack is pretty nice to my kids when I am watching. I am afraid it will get worse as the summer goes on.

Add to the pack the rest of the kids in the area. The park is always full on the weekends. Family's like to picnic there. Friday afternoon I let the kids go to the park. There were a bunch of kids there and some grown ups setting up food. Well as I sat on the porch with the dogs I saw one boy (maybe 9-10) shove MB to the ground. It was dinner time so I called the kids home. MB fell on the steps and scraped his elbow pretty good. Turns out MG knows this boys sister. I am going to keep an eye out for him too. MB was good about his scrape. I remember worse when I was a kid. All of these things make me a little sad. When I was a kid my Mom could let us go a block away to the park and not worry too much. All the Moms knew each other and everyone was watching out. Now I can't let my kids go to the park right in my own back yard. Never fear I can get over that fence pretty fast. (yes I have done it). It is harder to climb back over from the park side due to the hill.

I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of park knitting this summer.

Speaking of summer: MG is out of school after this week. I can not believe how fast the winter has flown by. Now I am off to enjoy another sunny day.

Friday, May 16, 2008


So last night I helped Miss. V finish up her next order for The Loopy Ewe. People you are gonna want to run when it goes up because it looks beautiful. It was a fun way to spend Knit Night. Tara also brought 3 huge bags of yarn for us to maul over. I came home with some old skeins of worsted virgin wool. I may over dye some. It will be great for a felted something.

Today is Field day at MG's school so MB and I are going over to help serve lunch. Should be lots of fun and it looks like a nice day.MB loves to do stuff at the school. He is going to help me pass out cookies.

Also on tap for today: Finish MIL's comfort shawl. I hope she likes it. I am going to be the bigger person and act like nothing happened last year when she comes to visit. Her husband will be with her this time so It should be better. I will call him the Lt Colonel. (he is one as well as a an Air Force lawyer.) She said she wants to stay in a hotel so we will see.

Hubby has 3 days off this weekend. We are planing on working on the house. I think we could get the basement done. As in ...after 2 years done! knock on wood...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Tale of Sweeney Todd...

When I did up the first round of this colorway I dyed the yarn with food safe dyes. I have been trying to repeat it with acid dye and I think I got it. Sweeney is all about the blood, both fresh spilled and stains years old. Here we have blood red mixed with burgundy and reddish brown. The color in the photo is pretty good. The brown is much deeper. That is 2 -250 yard skeins of superwash wool sport weight. Going into the shop tomorrow.
I have also listed some Cuticle balm in the shop. I discovered when I made the lip balm that this stuff was great on the rough spots on my hands. So good in fact I use a different lip balm for my lips and these have become for my hands.
For those going to the Estes wool market I am going to have a find Sandy give away. If you find me at the market and know the answer to life the universe and everything, I will give you a little prize. I will post before I go what to look for. I am hoping to meet lots of people and spread the BunkyBoBo's love a little!
ps this answer comes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Never fear if you are not going to the market. I will have another give away when I get back.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

From the dogs

I have not interest in chewing on any of the toys you have bought for me. They are very nice but I want to chew on shoes and pop bottles. I would rather chew on the leg of the couch no matter what stinky stuff you spray there. Sorry I just like chewing stuff you don't want me to chew. I hope it helps you to know that I will grow out of this in a few years. But until then watch your shoes. They taste good.

Tell this little B*tch I want to take a nap in the sun.
Leave me alone little girl or I might just take your head off.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Updates and stuff

Miss V gave me this hank of yarn with no tag. I think she said it was from hipknits but I did not write it down. Anyway I am knitting it up into a simple shawl for my MIL. She is coming to visit right before our trip so I hope to have it done by then. The yarn is super soft (I think cashmere) and the pattern is super easy.

I finished the first knee sock. The second is cast on but not much else. I have been busy with Toph. She chews on everything. She is outside right now chewing on a rope toy, well it used to be a rope. I think.

Monster Girl has this week and next. Then she is out of school for the summer. She is ready for 2nd grade even though she will have a new teacher. MG was lucky enough to have the same teacher for K and 1st. We will miss Mr. B. She is a great teacher. I hope MB gets her at least once.

We have a busy June planned. I am hoping to spend the rest of the summer just enjoying being a Mom and get started on my optical course.
Gotta run MB wants to play on the computer

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do I have the best Hubby or what?

See this huge pot with Monster Boy? That my friends is what Hubby got me for Mother's day. Mind you I had Not even said I needed something like this. This is a 30 quart stock pot. It comes with this basket for deep frying but Hubby thought it would be good for steaming yarn and roving. Isn't he smart? The basket has these little legs that hold it off the bottom on the pot. It is stainless steel. When this sucker is full it will weigh a ton. The basket holds the Mason jars I use for some colors. I am a happy girl.
Also for Mother's day Hubby took the MK's to a movie and I took a nap on the couch with the dogs. See... best Hubby ever!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I love Loopy!

So I had a little birthday money to spend so I ordered this little tote bag and a skein of yarn from The Loopy Ewe. Sheri also sent a Loopy post card and a cute little stitch marker. I have a thing for red bags. It will be the perfect bag for car knitting this summer. The yarn is Treeking I think color 62. I really like it. I am going to make socks for Hubby with it.
The Loopy Ewe has the best service I have ever found online. If you like pretty yarn check it out. Oh and if you ever want to know what to get me. I like gift certificates and you can see my wish list.
They have a contest where you pose your Loopy card in different places and send them in. Loopy is going to Colorado.

All right now...

This is just getting stupid. When I was with my folks my Mom and I went to buy a pair of jeans. I have been buying the same size at the same store for 10 years or so. I hit the sales rack and found a pair that fit. it was 7 sizes smaller than the ones I had on from the same store. They were even the same fit. Now I am a little person but not this little. When I got home I lay ed them out on top of the pair I was wearing and they were the same size! What are these people doing? Pick a sizing system and clue me in will ya? This playing with the sizes is making me nuts. You do this with kids clothes too. Please pick one.

I should add that I bought new underwear the other day. The same brand/fit/size I have been buying for years and they are too damn big. Like a whole size bigger. wtf people! Quit changing the sizes will ya? I hate baggy panties!

That is all.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Knee Socks

Here's my newest pair of socks. The yarn is Wollmeise 100% superwash merino. I love them. The Wollmeise colorways are so pretty I really wanted to show it off. I am making up the pattern as I go and taking lots of notes so the 2 nd sock will be the same as the first. I hope to get these done before Estes so I can wear them to the wool market. It is still pretty cool in Colorado in June.

The yarn comes in a 575 yard skein so I should have enough yarn. If I run out I will be in trouble. This yarn sells out so fast I may never get more.

Went to S&B last night at Miss V's house and she had just gotten some of the new Socks That Rock colors. omg people! I must get KawKaw! It will have to wait though as I have decided not to buy any yarn until I go to the wool market in June. I am pretty sure I have enough in stash to last me till then.

One of my favorite cousins is getting married the weekend after Christmas this year and I would like to get something knit for her and her Hubby to be. I am thinking of another Pi blanket. I am in need of another mindless project and it just doesn't get anymore mindless than the Pi blanket. Maybe I will try to add a little lace detail this time. This means I will have to shop for some yarn but I have lots of time on this one too so I can wait.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birthday Wrap Up

I ended up having a great birthday. Hubby and Mom both got me Knit Picks Harmony Options needle sets. Not to worry I am going to exchange one set for some yarn so its all good. The MK's got me an iced tea maker. It is great because we drink a lot of tea around here and it also works as a water filter (if you get the filter part which is extra) We made a pitcher Sunday and it was great. Hubby went to make pitcher number 2 and found the pitcher had cracked. I was not home so I have no idea how it happened but there is a big crack going up the side. it is a slow leak but it still drives me nuts. Hubby naturally does not have the receipt. The thing is set up to only work with its pitcher so I am hoping I can get just a pitcher for it. Off to Wal-Mart to check it out.

We all went to see Iron Man on Sunday and had a lot of fun. I thought it was a pretty good movie. I hope they make another one.

We had great weather this weekend so we all spent a lot of time at the park and just playing outside. Hubby got the stage and screen wall done in the basement and I knit half a knee sock. A pretty great birthday weekend if I do say so.

Hubby and I also got our trip to Colorado planned. We will stay one night at a campground in Estes. This is the same place I stayed with my folks in '88. We will have Friday and Saturday to enjoy the wool market before driving across Trail Ridge Road to the condo. We have a whole week to relax in the mountains before we have to head home again. I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Guide

Allosimanius Syneca
(bottom skein)
Allosimanius Syneca is a planet noted for ice, snow, mind-hurtling beauty and stunning cold. The view from the top of the Ice Crystal Pyramids of Sastantua is widely known for its ability to release the observer's mind to hitherto unexperienced horizons of beauty.

Alpha Centauri
(top skein)
Apart from being the closest star system to Earth's, (4.1 light-years northwest of earth) Alpha Centauri is home to a local planning department office of the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

You Say it's Your Birthday...

It is in fact my birthday. The family and I went to a movie and are now getting ready to cook some steaks on the grill. The perfect day really.
Pictures tomorrow.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Socks Done

See I still knit!

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock (med weight)

colorway: Rainforest Jasper

I really like the colorway here. It is a nice break from all the red socks I have been working on.

Check this out!

My friend Lorena and her yarn loving pals have launched their online shop! Hanksyarn is now open for orders! Check them out. These are 3 gals living their dream and loving it. I know the service is first rate. They even have their own house brand of hand dyed sock yarn and hand spun! Did I tell you they have spinning stuff too? go on check them out. You won't be sorry!
p.s. if you live in Florida you can visit Hanks in person.


It is dark and raining here after 2 short days of great weather. No wonder this cold I have seem to be hanging on. I have 2 more colorways to post but there is no light for good pictures today. I hope to have them up soon.

I have been knitting a bit. the Rainforest Jasper socks are nearly done and I have one Monkey sock finished.If I am lucky I will finish the RJ and cast on the other Monkey today.
Other than that I got nothing to report. I am hoping to have a nice day Sunday for my birthday. I hope to spend the day with my family outside doing something. I was not able to get a sitter for that night so maybe we will all go to the movies or something.

Look for the new yarns tomorrow!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Had to happen sooner or later...

Hubby got the kids fishing poles for our trip this summer and last night they were casting in the yard without hooks. Hubby told me he just put sinkers on them. Ok fine. The MK's are loving this so after supper they took the poles outside again. As Hubby and I watched Countdown on MSNBC. (love that Keith Obermen). We hear what is clearly glass breaking and then nothing. Hubby went out to find MG very upset because her sinker broke the storm window in the back door. Not a huge deal and easier to replace than a regular window. We told her we were not mad at her and that Daddy had broken plenty of windows in his day. Mom may correct me but I don't ever remember breaking a window. Poor thing she was so sure she was in deep doodoo. the window broke into tiny pieces. I think I got them all. I know nothing of fishing and did not know the sinker was made of lead. I think I will be sitting on the dock knitting while my clan fish this summer...fine by me.