Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indy returns...

So after watching Raiders of the Lost Ark Sunday night with the MK's (MB was bored to death) we took them to see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull yesterday. I was a little unsure if I wanted to see it. I was afraid Indy wouldn't do it for me anymore if you know what I mean...
Well I can say it was a pretty good movie. Not near as good as Raiders but what could be? It was great to see Karen Allen back. Hubby and I had pretty much guessed the plot for Marion and Indy before the movie even started. It was good to see them play Indy in a realistic way age wise and to see a mature women cast opposite him rather than some 20 something year old starlet. I won't say much but Kate Blanchette is amazing. I love her in everything. George Luscas has said no more Indy but this movie sets it up really well.
MB was pretty bored during the movie but MG loved it. She is a big Indy fan now. Good girl.

Did you know Karen Allen is a knit ware designer and runs her own shop? check it out. Really beautiful colorwork.

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