Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dishwasher update

Well I am well on my way to my new dishwasher! Knitters are just the nicest people. I will have the free shipping running until June 1st. I might just make it after all! This is a good thing as the fun of washing dishes has faded for the MK's. MB thinks we should eat out until the new DW comes. Silly boy!

Just a quick note to all the political pundits. Hillary has NOT broken the glass ceiling. It will not be broken until a woman wins the White house and all women get equal pay and the gov't stops tyring to tell women what we can and can not do with our bodies. Please stop saying she has broken the glass ceiling. She has smacked her head on it harder than anyone else but broken? not yet. I wonder if I will live to see the day...

And a quick note on American Idol: I am pretty sure David A will win. Poor kid cried all through last nights show. I hope he doesn't faint dead away when Seacrest tells him he has won. I like the other David but I think he will be better off if he doesn't win.

Tommrow I should have knitting to blog about! with pictures!

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