Thursday, May 01, 2008

Had to happen sooner or later...

Hubby got the kids fishing poles for our trip this summer and last night they were casting in the yard without hooks. Hubby told me he just put sinkers on them. Ok fine. The MK's are loving this so after supper they took the poles outside again. As Hubby and I watched Countdown on MSNBC. (love that Keith Obermen). We hear what is clearly glass breaking and then nothing. Hubby went out to find MG very upset because her sinker broke the storm window in the back door. Not a huge deal and easier to replace than a regular window. We told her we were not mad at her and that Daddy had broken plenty of windows in his day. Mom may correct me but I don't ever remember breaking a window. Poor thing she was so sure she was in deep doodoo. the window broke into tiny pieces. I think I got them all. I know nothing of fishing and did not know the sinker was made of lead. I think I will be sitting on the dock knitting while my clan fish this summer...fine by me.

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