Thursday, July 30, 2009

Richard III

pic here is John (hubby) and his pal Scott. They have been in so many shows together. I have watched Scott kill John and vice versa so many times I can not even tell you. Most times there is a sword battle first! Show here is Much Ado About Nothing. before Bunky was born. Don't you think they could be brothers?

So Hubby is doing another show. It is about time as he was starting to really miss the theatre and it makes him crabby. He will play Buckingham in the Brigit St. Brigit production at the Blue Barn Theatre. The show opens in about 5 weeks. In other Hubby news. For the Love of Amy opens in Omaha August 28th at the Rave theatre (westroads new movie theatre)

In knitting news: I finished Bunky's new scarf last night. Gaytha is stalled for the time being while I knit up something for MiL's birthday. What that something might be I have no idea yet. I am thinking about a dressy scarf if some kind. Something super soft and machine washable.

I went to knit group last night at Whole Foods. This is a great group of gals, many of whom are knitting projects with BunkyBobo's yarns. So fun to see. I really must bring my camera next time. I have worked it out to always have Wednesday night off so I can go every week.

In case you are wondering 19 more days till school starts. (including today) MB has his new backpack, pencil box and lunch box all ready to go. Both kids have a new outfit for the first day of school. MB still needs his eye exam and Dr visit. He is not looking forward to the doctor, Bunky told him his shots would hurt.

I saw the new Harry Potter movie. I thought they did a really bad job on this one. All the pieces so important to the end of the story were left out in favor of teenage romance. It just proves my point: the book is always better. Bunky really liked it. She is reading HP year one right now and seems to be enjoying herself..

In job search news nothing yet. I was offered more hours where I am now so I have that to fall back on. more searching to take place later today.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Knitting: I have the body of Gytha done to the armpits. I'm knitting the left front now. Still enjoying it. I also started a new scarf for Bunky. Scarves are very in for tweens right now. Bunky told me so while shopping for school clothes. Well I can make scarves. She seems pleased with it.

In other news: I am looking for a full time job again. Monkey Boy starts school with Bunky in a few weeks. Siting at home alone all day is not something I'm really cut out for. The kids understand and are all for it. I am nervous and excited about going back to work. Wish me luck.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


These are Moms Birthday socks.Finished them up the other day

I started a new sweater! Gytha from the Twist Collective. I love this sweater. I hope I do it justice. I have the color work finished. The rest of the knitting on this sweater looks pretty simple. However I have never made a sweater that then had to be sewn together. I have quite a bit of knitting left to do before I worry about that. The yarns here are mostly from stash. The main color is Galway worsted wool from PT. I like this yarn. The price is good (total spent on yarn $21.00) yardage good and lots of colors to pick from. I figure if I like the way the sweater turns out I can always knit another. Maybe hand dyed.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Look! Knitting

I finished this up on our trip. The pattern is from Folk Shawls.( I think It is called simple garter st shawl. I returned the book). The yarn is BunkyBobo's Hand Dyed worsted wool. About 800 yards. I wanted a warm shawl for fall and when we are in the Rockies. This is perfect. Big Warm Wooly.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


3 colorways for SS'09 inspired by Jimi Hendricks. Hey Joe(red and black), Purple Haze and Voodoo Child. These will not be in the shop, you can only get them at SS. I love Voodoo Child. It came out just like I saw it in my head. Very cool.

A few other notes:
Michael Jackson. Yes he died too soon and it is very tragic but wall to wall news coverage is just out of control. Did we have this much coverage for the Pope or Mother Tressa? Crazy. MJ's was a Rock and Roll legend anyway but his death gives him automatic legend status. See I have a theory about Rock legends. You can earn your legend status with great music or you can win it by the manner of your death. If a rocker died from something drug related (Jimi, Janice, Elvis) they are a legend. If they die in a fiery crash of a plane of some kind (Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn) Legend. If a rocker is murdered (John Lennon) legend.

I hope you all have a great 4th of July today. We have gloomy skies this morning, but Hubby and I both have the day off. We hope to grill out tonight and spend some time just hanging out with the kiddos.