Monday, July 30, 2007

HSKS Owl Post

I got an owl today from Mary in WY. She sent me a great kit! She made the bag in a felting class she was taking in Estes Park Colorado. It is made from Alpaca and Llama fiber. I love it. MG wants it too. There was a deck of cards with horses on them for MG she loves horses and Mary's family rides in the rodeo. There was also a postcard of a cowboy who happens to be Mary's Hubby, a little notebook, a gauge guide, some stitch markers, a very nice bar of choc late and a Fiber Trends pattern. There is also a set of Brittany Birch needles size 1( my 1st Brittanys!) and the yarn! It is from Wind Dance Ranch, Granite Canon, WY. It is 85 percent adult mohair and 15 corndale wool. The colors are "Sun & Sand" and "Tartan"(top) The label reads: "The Mohair in this yarn was grown by: Angoras Peanut, Tinker, and Olive" I really love the Tartan. The color is just perfect. I am not sure about mohair socks... Would they wear well? anybody know? Mary got this yarn from her friend who is Mom to Peanut, Tinker and Olive.
The pattern is really 3 patterns called Walking Away Socks. I want to make all of them!
A really lovely treat to come home to. Thanks Mary!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

SP10 Update and SSK

Well the nice lady I was going to send the angle package to has heard from her pal. It seems her package was returned to the states by the Aussie post, So I am waiting until I hear more.
I took another look at SSK and it seems to me what I was doing was to K2tog through the back loop. As Elizabeth Zimmerman tells me this twists both stitches. I think I have it now though, I was making it harder than it needs to be.
I am still knitting away on Tubey I need another 10" or so. I have been trying to knit a few rows of everynight so I can get it done. I am pretty tired of all the black wool so I started a project for my Moms b-day that I should have done by the time she gets here. I have had Moms twins (GAL) gift ready since their birthday but Moms is just getting done. This is because I only decided what to make her last week. I will share that one when she is here and I can get a picture of her with it. I also still have Mom's mothers day gift here. I hope she has room in her bag to take everything home.
On the sock front, I started a pair of socks for MG. She wanted a pair like Mommy's with
"prettier colors" I am using the yarn I frogged from the Lace socks. I have been knitting these socks at work on break instead of smoking. This has drawn many questions from the muggles I work with. They seem in awe of the fact that I have 5 needles in my hand and can just knit away while talking. Gee I can walk and chew gum at the same time too! This has also meant lots of requests for hand knit items. How much can you sell a pair of hand knit socks for anyway?
Coming up I have pictures to share of the warehouse sale prep...

Monday, July 23, 2007

SP10 Angel

Well I told my SP10 Hostess that I would be an angel for someone whose swap partner did not come through. When checking over her blog I found out that her SP9 pal did not come through either! I feel so bad for her. She lives in Australia so maybe her pals were put off by overseas shipping. She can't get Knit Picks there so I will be ordering her some things from there to send to her. I was so lucky with both upstream and downstream pals. How sad that not everyone had the great time I had. When I get home from work I will post a link to her blog so we can all send the SP love her way.
I still have not got a confirmation for SP11 yet. Not sure why. If I don't hear by Friday I will have to check it out.

HSKS is wrapping up. I have not heard from my pal in a while and she has not updated her blog in a while. I hope everything is ok, I know she had a busy summer planned. One day soon I hope to be knitting Harry Potter socks.
Speaking of Harry Potter, I have finished book 7 and I loved it! I have heard people felt JKR bumped off more characters that she needed to. I must say I disagree, It is war after all. I will leave the Harry topic for now but this weekend I will do a full post about it. I don't want to spoil it for everyone else

Friday, July 20, 2007


Here is a progress shot of Tubey. As you can see I messed up the ribbing a ways back, I did not notice it until I looked at this picture. Well Shit. Now what? I could Rip out 6" of body and knit again or I could leave it and finish the thing. I am thinking of just leaving it and calling it a lesson learned.I am a lazy person after all. Also I am starting to think this sweater is going to be very warm. The Wool of the Andes has a nice woolly texture but is not very soft.I don't know if I will get much wear out of it. If I ever knit this pattern again I would choose a different yarn. WotA is only $1.99 per ball So this is a $20.00 learning experience. I tend to be on the thrifty side with yarn if I am knitting something I have never tried before. I have a fear of creating something awful out of beautiful yarn. I am getting more and more confidante with my knitting with each project. I have ordered some silk blend yarn for my next project. I can't wait to try it. As I knit more I want better yarn.

The Waving Lace Sock is slow going. For some reason I just can't do SSK right. Stupid left hand. I need to get that one down. I have looked at pictures but I just don't get it. I think I will ask the nice lady at the LYS to show me. I have one pretty mangled repeat done. I think I will practice with one more repeat and then frog and start over. I don't want one messed up sock and one nice sock. I am using Knit Picks Memories yarn. it is variegated. I think it is a little busy for this pattern. I think I might dye some yarn for when I start over. A solid perhaps.

Speaking of dyeing yarn I have a green skein in the pot right now. See I got the Favorite Sock book because I want to knit the Embossed Leaves socks. I think green is the perfect color for this pattern. Gotta get that SSK first but I will have the yarn all ready. I will show it off when it is dry.

I am still waiting to hear form my HSKP pal again. I have not heard from her in a week or so. My kit was received. I will post a link later.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I miss you guys!

My GAL just called me this evening. She and Mom are with my Great Auntie Harriet and they are looking for knitting patterns! I wish I could be there! They are all together in Chicago at Mom's. If I didn't have this monster warehouse sale to prep for at work I might have been able to go. It is not to be. The boss wants to sell about 2/3 of the stuff in the scenery warehouse. You would not believe the amount of stuff there is. I will have to take some pictures...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ravelry has lost my name

I tried to see where I was on the waiting list and to my dismay I was not on the list! I tried to add myself but the website just keeps turning and nothing happens! boo hoo! I so want to check it out! I did read on their blog that Ravelry will be up in about 5 weeks. I think I am just going to have to wait like everyone else. Its not like I have time to upload all my stuff, but I want to see what all the hub bub is about. I just keep telling myself "You can wait."
in other news: The waving lace sock goes on slowly and Tubey has half a body. I had to order more yarn because I have decided not to do the stripes on the body. I also ordered some yarn for a new project I am planing. I really need to start planing my holiday knitting...
oh and I signed up for the Knitty Kal. I need to pick a project, I think a sweater for MG...maybe Light Bright

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hat almost done

Well the hard part of WCEP is done! Here is Hubby watching a baseball game. I shoved it on his head for the photo. I still have to pull out the cast on and knit the lining, but the color work is done! I really like the way it came out. The yarn is Telemark from Knit Picks. one ball each color, which means $3.98to knit the hat! gotta love that!

Friday, July 13, 2007

WIP's,FO's and a NYC buy

So a report on wips:

Tubey: Sleeves done, picked up and started the body. 17" to go in k3p1 rib

WCEP: Have not touched it in days. Maybe this weekend.

I did finish 2 washcloths. The yarn is Shine from knitpicks. The green one is the Little Fountain Stitch from the book sp10 Beth sent me. The blue is just horsing around. I like the softness of this yarn but is has no give whatsoever.

Last week I went out and got the book Faveroite Socks from Interweave press. I have cast on for the Waveing Lace socks. So far so good, I knit the cuff and the first 3 rows last night. A little slow going but I am enjoying it. We will see how it looks when I get the first repeat done.

When in NYC I also bought this:

This little red beauty is the KnowKnits bag I picked up while in NYC. This little waterproof bag just hangs from my wrist and I can walk down the street and knit away. I love it, I use it all the time. There is a small loop with a snap on the inside to help keep the yarn in order when pulling the working yarn out of the bag, as well as a draw string to keep it closed. The wrist strap has a snap so it is easy to put on and off. I like to keep a small easy project in there for walking to the park. I did in fact walk down the street in NYC knitting away on a sock. Some folks asked what I was doing, One lady looked at me like this was the best idea she had seen in a long time. She did not say anything but the look on her face told the story...Duh! I could make one of those!

I guess I could have made one but when I saw them in The Point I had to have it then so I could knit the yarn I was buying right away...whats a girl to do?

All in all a very handy little bag.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Quidditch round 1

Here is the Trivia for HSKS
1. "What happens if I wave my wand and nothing happens?" "Throw it away and punch him on the nose." Which two people are talking?
Harry and Ron
2."If he raided our house he'd have to put himself under arrest." Who say this?
3. When sitting on the wall next to Professor Dumbledore at the beginning of the book, who does Professor McGonagall bet was the wizard responsible for the shooting stars seen by Muggles over Kent?
Dedalus Diggle

4. Known by the students as Nearly Headless Nick, what was Nick's actual name?Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-PorpingtonSir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington

5. When venturing into the Dark Forest with Hagrid for their detention, who is the first centaur Harry and Hermione see?Bane

6. We know that Parvati Patil was sorted into Gryffindor house, but what house was her twin Padma sorted into?Ravenclaw
7. What colour do the flames turn when you use Floo powder?Emerald green

8. What colour tie was Cornelius Fudge wearing when he came to take Hagrid to Azkaban?Purple
9. After running away from the Dursley's, Harry took up a room at the Leaky Cauldron. What number room did he stay in?11

10. While Ron, Hermione, and his other classmates are in Hogsmeade, Harry stops in for a chat with Professor Lupin. What did Lupin tell Harry he had just taken delivery of for their next lesson?Hinkypunks

Almost ready to send Owl Post!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Progress and the frog pond

Well my sock has decided it does not want to be a sock. I showed it to the intended giftee as she loves the yarn but is not sure she would wear the socks because they would be "too pretty". She would like some wrist warmers though so I think I will be frogging again.

WCEP is a few rows away from binding off. Then I have to pick up and knit the liner. It will be some time before hubby needs a hat this warm so it is on the back burner for now.

The sleeves for Tubey are very near to done. Then pick up and knit on the body. Should be a piece of cake.(I hope) Can someone please explain my urge to knit a wool sweater in the middle of summer? The knitting of this sweater is really easy so it is mindless knitting for me.

Today however is all about the bag I am knitting for my HSKS partner. I need to get it done so I can send off the goodies I have collected for her! Pictures after it has reached its new home.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thank You Beth!

My SP10 spoiler has been Beth at

She sent another great box of goodies!

We have 365 Knitting Stitches, which is something I wanted. I get tons of ideas just flipping through. There is also stitch markers, point protectors(I needed these!), cute little buttons, A new size 8 circ 24".( I was going to buy one of these this week for the body of Tubey). There is also a very pretty silver charm and books for MB and MG. the books are not in the photo because I could not pry them out of little hands. The yarn is very soft and squishy. It is Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran in color 135 Merlot. I love it! It is a wool/silk/cashmere blend.

Thank you Beth! This whole SP10 has been so much fun. I was glad to see you were so well spoiled.