Monday, July 30, 2007

HSKS Owl Post

I got an owl today from Mary in WY. She sent me a great kit! She made the bag in a felting class she was taking in Estes Park Colorado. It is made from Alpaca and Llama fiber. I love it. MG wants it too. There was a deck of cards with horses on them for MG she loves horses and Mary's family rides in the rodeo. There was also a postcard of a cowboy who happens to be Mary's Hubby, a little notebook, a gauge guide, some stitch markers, a very nice bar of choc late and a Fiber Trends pattern. There is also a set of Brittany Birch needles size 1( my 1st Brittanys!) and the yarn! It is from Wind Dance Ranch, Granite Canon, WY. It is 85 percent adult mohair and 15 corndale wool. The colors are "Sun & Sand" and "Tartan"(top) The label reads: "The Mohair in this yarn was grown by: Angoras Peanut, Tinker, and Olive" I really love the Tartan. The color is just perfect. I am not sure about mohair socks... Would they wear well? anybody know? Mary got this yarn from her friend who is Mom to Peanut, Tinker and Olive.
The pattern is really 3 patterns called Walking Away Socks. I want to make all of them!
A really lovely treat to come home to. Thanks Mary!

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