Saturday, May 30, 2009

This last week just flew by. I have been busy keeping the kids from killing each other. We had a few rainy days so we stayed in and played video games and watched movies. The last few days have been nice so we have played in the park and backyard with the dogs. I have a new almost finished sock to show off but no pictures yet. and new colorways for Sock Summit. Did you see Yarn Harlot today? I feel really bad for her and Tina. I am sort of glad there was no way I had the money for it anyway. I think my friend Meg got the classes she wanted. Have fun Meg and please tell us all about it!

Vacation planning is also going on. The budget is tight so we bring certain foodstuffs with us because the price is so much better here. Meat for one and charcoal. It also mean remembering what I left there over the last 3 summers. Lucky for me I have a little red book that I have taken with me every time I have gone out there. I know that the kids have pool toys, floaties, coloring books,paper and markers already out there. We also paid $3.70ish for gas last summer. We will see if it is better this year. Vacation knitting is harder to plan I keep adding things. The cotton wrap thingie is in the log cabin blanket is likely out, maybe... Who knows at this point. I keep changing my mind.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer is here

So Bunky is out of school and summer is here, for us anyway. That means our trip to the Rockies is 3 weeks away. The picture is the view from the condo porch. I will have a week to sit with a glass of wine and knit and look at it.(with Mom!) I can't wait. So, like every other knitter in the world I am enjoying planing my vacation knitting. I will need sock knitting for out by the pool and on the go, A scarf or something for drive time and something warm and wooly for the chilly evenings. I always pack way more knitting than I need. (you know you do it too!) But what would I do if I ran out? What if I ran out of yarn in the car 6 hours from home in the middle of nowhere? Well that won't happen to me! Think 2 pairs of socks,2 scarves and a shawl is enough for a week? Maybe I had better pack an extra skein of sock yarn just in case? maybe 2

Thursday, May 21, 2009

City update and socks!

pay no mind to my lilly white legs. Yarn here is my new BoboSocks base (not in shop yet) colorway: Punk. Love them. These are mine all mine!
So after I called the city about the letter and got no help I talked to the inspector who sent the letter and he could not tell me what we needed to fix. He said he would have to come back out and check again because he does not keep notes he just writes down the address and send out a letter. So he cam back out and checked. He called us back to say we took care of it already. I have not touched a thing in the yard this whole week. Who knows maybe he had the wrong address. What really has me mad is they wanted me to file an appeal and pay a fee to do so. No way I am going to pay anybody anything for their screw up. If you get one of these letters from the city please make sure they have the right house before you pay anything. This feels very scammy to me. I wonder how many people pay for an appeal they don't need?
In other news: MB and I went on a field trip with Bunky's class yesterday. MB was great all day and most of the 2nd graders were nice kids. I did hear one kid tell her teacher to F you. I could not believe it. I have met this kids Mom before when Bunky had her birthday party 2 years. I told the Mom this child is not welcome in my house. She mouthed off to me and tried to stick her gum in Winston's tail. She also hit MB while at the party. The Mom tells me that she just can't control the kid. All I know is if I had done something like that my folks would have killed me.
AI: So I thought Adam should have won, Kris is good just not as good imo. I have read alot about how people did not want him to win because he may be gay. Is it really ok to be a bigot if you only hate gay people? Come on people this is the USA remember? All men are equal. Not all straight people. It seems to me that it has become fashionable to hate gays now. Seems dumb to me. What really has me pissed is the Don't ask Don't tell thing. Have you heard about LT Dan Choi? served 2 tours in Iraq and wants to go back an expert in middle eastern languages, kicked out because he is gay. The men he serves with want him to stay. Obama better fix this. He made that promise and it is one of the reasons I got on the Obama Band Wagon. If we really believe in equal rights for all this needs to be done soon. and no separate is not equal. Lt Choi is just one case out of many, I have a friend who was dismissed this way and it almost killed him.
One more thing before I jump off the soap box: people in the public eye need to remember this thing we have now called video tape. See it records what you say and plays it back for the world to see. We can tell when you are lying and when you flip on something. We can review the tape. It would be wise to remember this fact.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are you kidding me?

So yesterday we get a registered letter from the city telling us we have to cut "weeds" that are on out lot location "yard" Eh What? the only thing they could be talking about is the tree like things on the fence line in the back. There is stuff there but it is all on the city side of the fence. We would have to go to the park to cut it down and I ain't paying for that. When I call the number on the letter, which by the way gives us a week from today to comply of have to pay a large fine. Anyhoo when I call. the person can not even tell me if they are talking about the park weeds or my front lawn. I can not talk to someone who knows something because they only work until 3:30 and I got the letter at 3:30! Needless to say I am not a happy camper. I have been told that I can call at 7:00 am Monday morning and talk to the guy who send the notice. I will keep you posted.

So question for you: For Sock Summit. Should I send colors I have in my shop or new colors? The event is in August so fall colors?
Also I would like to send knit samples too so people and see how it knits up. Anyone want to pick a color from the shop and knit me a sample pair of socks? I will be happy to credit the knitter/pattern with the socks for all to see and ooooh over. Knitter picks the pattern? I need them by early July. I can offer you only the chance to show off you sock knitting skills to many many knitters. What do you say? Any takers?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some stuff thats been bugging me

So this week has been nuts around here. I had an extra day care kid this week. She is sweet and gets along with MB really well. Her parents failed to tell me it was only a one week gig.

Monday afternoon I picked Bunky up from school and everything was just fine with my truck. I went outside 15 minutes after we got home to see how Hubby was doing with the repaired lawnmower. The back window of my truck was smashed into a million tiny pieces. Here's how it went down
Me: "what the hell did you do to my truck?"
Hubby:" What do you mean? you drove it last"
me: "It was fine when we got home"
Hubby: "well then how did it get smashed?"
me: "maybe you hit a rock and it flew through the window?"
Hubby " Are you sure it was fine when you picked up Bunky?"
me" Pretty sure I would have noticed if the back window was not there when I was driving."
Hubby: "Are you sure?"
I nearly slugged him. Long story short. $250.00 later ($250.00 I don't have) I have a new back window in the truck.

I am very sick and tired of people trying to say torture is ok. We as a nation have tried and put people in jail for waterboarding. (yes I looked it up) It is against the law even if the Pres or VP says its ok. It makes the whole country look bad. The way I see it there was a war crime committed here and we must get to the truth of it. We deserve that much after being lied to about the reasons for the Iraq war. Now it seems the point was to find connections that were not there. Grrr

Miss California: Please shut up and go away. No one took your right to free speech away. but you have to remember that every person in this country has that same right. If they want to use it to say you are wrong or dumb or too skinny they can. This is the USA Sweetie it works for everyone. I saw part of the press conference the Donald gave about letting this Miss CA keep her crown. He said the world listens to beautiful women. Does that mean that only beautiful women will be heard. and who decides who the beautiful women are? the Donald? What a slime.

In good news I have been asked to send yarns to be sold at the vendor market at Sock Summit! I am so excited that someone would ask me. There will be tons of knitters there from all over. Squeeee! So head over to the shop (link in side bar) and buy some yarn so I can buy more base yarns. Thanks

Knitting: I have knit a fair bit lately but not much I can show right now. Soon

Thursday, May 07, 2009

New Colorways

Booby Trap
Did you ever see the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Well in the movie Jessica Rabbit has a booby trap that comes out of her dress. If you have never seen this movie you are missing out. Pretty funny.
Black and Tan
I have a vague memory of my Moms brother drinking black and tans when I was a kid. A black and tan (as I recall) is Guinness with a pale ale on top. Served in a pint glass. To be honest is sounds kind of gross to me but I am not a beer drinker. I do like the color though.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Gold shawl thingie

Here is the start of the gold shawl. The pattern is from the book Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. Easy pattern for tv knitting. The color in the photo is pretty close. Hubby likes the color. I'm not sure if I like it or not. We will see when the knitting. Its wool so I can overdye if I hate it.

I am working on the shop update. I hope to have it ready this week.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Merino Roving

Dew Kissed Grass

Sweet Tarts

4oz merino rovings for the shop. I want to reshoot the pictures. I have 2 more still drying. Black and Tan and Ranger. Drop me a comment if you want one before I list them.
In other news: The kids brought me breakfast in bed today. An untoasted English muffin with butter and a glass of milk. They were very cute about it. Bunky does not have school today. I hope the sun comes out so we can go to the park. Seems like a good way to spend my birthday.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

This and That

I have sewn up the Log Cabin squares and picked up stitches for the boarder. I really like the way it looks. I may try to make another someday for me. Need to work on a good way to knit the squares together as I go.

I dyed up some worsted I had intended to knit into a shawl. I'm not sure I like the color. I am thinking I may knit the shawl and then overdye it. I will show you when its dry.

Monkey Boy has a black eye. We have no idea what he did to get this black eye. Seems like he woke up with it the other day. He seems to think its no big deal.

At the park the other day one of the girls called Bunky fat. This child then told her I must be 400 lbs. Bunky was more mad that someone made fun of me than she was about the fat comment. For the record Bunky has gotten two inches taller this year but not gained weight. I think she is fine. Seems this is the age when girls start picking at each other. So far Bunky has let most of it just float by her. She is a sweet and thoughtful kid. I hope they are not too hard on her.

I am very excited to report that Mom and Dad will be joining us for the Rocky Mountain Adventure this summer! MIL and LtCOL are happy to let my folks use the condo but Mom and Dad didn't want to go without us. The kids are planing all the things they want to show their Grandparents, LtCOL has an extra fishing pole for Dad, and I am planing the menu. The nice thing about the condo is we can cook most of our meals. The kids are looking forward to the pool and killer playgrounds. The trip will also give me a chance to knit with Mom.

I have a huge amount of new yarns and rovings to post. I hope to get the pictures today and have them listed very soon.

A new Supreme Court Justice. It should be no surprise I think a woman would be a good idea. I have been reading up on some of the names being floated about. I will be very interested to see who is chosen. I have a feeling this will not be the only opening Obama has to fill.

Amercian Idol. We think Adam is going to win. Unless they vote him out this week like Chris Doughtry.