Saturday, May 02, 2009

This and That

I have sewn up the Log Cabin squares and picked up stitches for the boarder. I really like the way it looks. I may try to make another someday for me. Need to work on a good way to knit the squares together as I go.

I dyed up some worsted I had intended to knit into a shawl. I'm not sure I like the color. I am thinking I may knit the shawl and then overdye it. I will show you when its dry.

Monkey Boy has a black eye. We have no idea what he did to get this black eye. Seems like he woke up with it the other day. He seems to think its no big deal.

At the park the other day one of the girls called Bunky fat. This child then told her I must be 400 lbs. Bunky was more mad that someone made fun of me than she was about the fat comment. For the record Bunky has gotten two inches taller this year but not gained weight. I think she is fine. Seems this is the age when girls start picking at each other. So far Bunky has let most of it just float by her. She is a sweet and thoughtful kid. I hope they are not too hard on her.

I am very excited to report that Mom and Dad will be joining us for the Rocky Mountain Adventure this summer! MIL and LtCOL are happy to let my folks use the condo but Mom and Dad didn't want to go without us. The kids are planing all the things they want to show their Grandparents, LtCOL has an extra fishing pole for Dad, and I am planing the menu. The nice thing about the condo is we can cook most of our meals. The kids are looking forward to the pool and killer playgrounds. The trip will also give me a chance to knit with Mom.

I have a huge amount of new yarns and rovings to post. I hope to get the pictures today and have them listed very soon.

A new Supreme Court Justice. It should be no surprise I think a woman would be a good idea. I have been reading up on some of the names being floated about. I will be very interested to see who is chosen. I have a feeling this will not be the only opening Obama has to fill.

Amercian Idol. We think Adam is going to win. Unless they vote him out this week like Chris Doughtry.

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