Friday, May 15, 2009

Some stuff thats been bugging me

So this week has been nuts around here. I had an extra day care kid this week. She is sweet and gets along with MB really well. Her parents failed to tell me it was only a one week gig.

Monday afternoon I picked Bunky up from school and everything was just fine with my truck. I went outside 15 minutes after we got home to see how Hubby was doing with the repaired lawnmower. The back window of my truck was smashed into a million tiny pieces. Here's how it went down
Me: "what the hell did you do to my truck?"
Hubby:" What do you mean? you drove it last"
me: "It was fine when we got home"
Hubby: "well then how did it get smashed?"
me: "maybe you hit a rock and it flew through the window?"
Hubby " Are you sure it was fine when you picked up Bunky?"
me" Pretty sure I would have noticed if the back window was not there when I was driving."
Hubby: "Are you sure?"
I nearly slugged him. Long story short. $250.00 later ($250.00 I don't have) I have a new back window in the truck.

I am very sick and tired of people trying to say torture is ok. We as a nation have tried and put people in jail for waterboarding. (yes I looked it up) It is against the law even if the Pres or VP says its ok. It makes the whole country look bad. The way I see it there was a war crime committed here and we must get to the truth of it. We deserve that much after being lied to about the reasons for the Iraq war. Now it seems the point was to find connections that were not there. Grrr

Miss California: Please shut up and go away. No one took your right to free speech away. but you have to remember that every person in this country has that same right. If they want to use it to say you are wrong or dumb or too skinny they can. This is the USA Sweetie it works for everyone. I saw part of the press conference the Donald gave about letting this Miss CA keep her crown. He said the world listens to beautiful women. Does that mean that only beautiful women will be heard. and who decides who the beautiful women are? the Donald? What a slime.

In good news I have been asked to send yarns to be sold at the vendor market at Sock Summit! I am so excited that someone would ask me. There will be tons of knitters there from all over. Squeeee! So head over to the shop (link in side bar) and buy some yarn so I can buy more base yarns. Thanks

Knitting: I have knit a fair bit lately but not much I can show right now. Soon

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