Thursday, May 21, 2009

City update and socks!

pay no mind to my lilly white legs. Yarn here is my new BoboSocks base (not in shop yet) colorway: Punk. Love them. These are mine all mine!
So after I called the city about the letter and got no help I talked to the inspector who sent the letter and he could not tell me what we needed to fix. He said he would have to come back out and check again because he does not keep notes he just writes down the address and send out a letter. So he cam back out and checked. He called us back to say we took care of it already. I have not touched a thing in the yard this whole week. Who knows maybe he had the wrong address. What really has me mad is they wanted me to file an appeal and pay a fee to do so. No way I am going to pay anybody anything for their screw up. If you get one of these letters from the city please make sure they have the right house before you pay anything. This feels very scammy to me. I wonder how many people pay for an appeal they don't need?
In other news: MB and I went on a field trip with Bunky's class yesterday. MB was great all day and most of the 2nd graders were nice kids. I did hear one kid tell her teacher to F you. I could not believe it. I have met this kids Mom before when Bunky had her birthday party 2 years. I told the Mom this child is not welcome in my house. She mouthed off to me and tried to stick her gum in Winston's tail. She also hit MB while at the party. The Mom tells me that she just can't control the kid. All I know is if I had done something like that my folks would have killed me.
AI: So I thought Adam should have won, Kris is good just not as good imo. I have read alot about how people did not want him to win because he may be gay. Is it really ok to be a bigot if you only hate gay people? Come on people this is the USA remember? All men are equal. Not all straight people. It seems to me that it has become fashionable to hate gays now. Seems dumb to me. What really has me pissed is the Don't ask Don't tell thing. Have you heard about LT Dan Choi? served 2 tours in Iraq and wants to go back an expert in middle eastern languages, kicked out because he is gay. The men he serves with want him to stay. Obama better fix this. He made that promise and it is one of the reasons I got on the Obama Band Wagon. If we really believe in equal rights for all this needs to be done soon. and no separate is not equal. Lt Choi is just one case out of many, I have a friend who was dismissed this way and it almost killed him.
One more thing before I jump off the soap box: people in the public eye need to remember this thing we have now called video tape. See it records what you say and plays it back for the world to see. We can tell when you are lying and when you flip on something. We can review the tape. It would be wise to remember this fact.


Shells said...

Let me tell you a little story about my brother in the military. He was stop lossed, and did not want to go back to Iraq a second time on account of having fulfilled his duty and on account of morally believing that the war was wrong. He looked into all kinds of ways to try not to go back the second time, and one of the ways he looked into was to claim he was gay. He is not, but he didn't think he should be obligated to go back. You know what he found out? He could claim he was gay if he wanted, but he would have to prove that his life was in danger because he was gay in order to be released. So which is it military? Because they aren't seeming so consistent on this issue.

mamakin said...

Well, after this, I'm definitely a fan of yours!