Saturday, May 16, 2009

Are you kidding me?

So yesterday we get a registered letter from the city telling us we have to cut "weeds" that are on out lot location "yard" Eh What? the only thing they could be talking about is the tree like things on the fence line in the back. There is stuff there but it is all on the city side of the fence. We would have to go to the park to cut it down and I ain't paying for that. When I call the number on the letter, which by the way gives us a week from today to comply of have to pay a large fine. Anyhoo when I call. the person can not even tell me if they are talking about the park weeds or my front lawn. I can not talk to someone who knows something because they only work until 3:30 and I got the letter at 3:30! Needless to say I am not a happy camper. I have been told that I can call at 7:00 am Monday morning and talk to the guy who send the notice. I will keep you posted.

So question for you: For Sock Summit. Should I send colors I have in my shop or new colors? The event is in August so fall colors?
Also I would like to send knit samples too so people and see how it knits up. Anyone want to pick a color from the shop and knit me a sample pair of socks? I will be happy to credit the knitter/pattern with the socks for all to see and ooooh over. Knitter picks the pattern? I need them by early July. I can offer you only the chance to show off you sock knitting skills to many many knitters. What do you say? Any takers?

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meg said...

what a load of crap re: your weeds. If you need someone to knit some socks for you, let me know. I could knit you a pair for sure.