Saturday, May 30, 2009

This last week just flew by. I have been busy keeping the kids from killing each other. We had a few rainy days so we stayed in and played video games and watched movies. The last few days have been nice so we have played in the park and backyard with the dogs. I have a new almost finished sock to show off but no pictures yet. and new colorways for Sock Summit. Did you see Yarn Harlot today? I feel really bad for her and Tina. I am sort of glad there was no way I had the money for it anyway. I think my friend Meg got the classes she wanted. Have fun Meg and please tell us all about it!

Vacation planning is also going on. The budget is tight so we bring certain foodstuffs with us because the price is so much better here. Meat for one and charcoal. It also mean remembering what I left there over the last 3 summers. Lucky for me I have a little red book that I have taken with me every time I have gone out there. I know that the kids have pool toys, floaties, coloring books,paper and markers already out there. We also paid $3.70ish for gas last summer. We will see if it is better this year. Vacation knitting is harder to plan I keep adding things. The cotton wrap thingie is in the log cabin blanket is likely out, maybe... Who knows at this point. I keep changing my mind.

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