Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer is here

So Bunky is out of school and summer is here, for us anyway. That means our trip to the Rockies is 3 weeks away. The picture is the view from the condo porch. I will have a week to sit with a glass of wine and knit and look at it.(with Mom!) I can't wait. So, like every other knitter in the world I am enjoying planing my vacation knitting. I will need sock knitting for out by the pool and on the go, A scarf or something for drive time and something warm and wooly for the chilly evenings. I always pack way more knitting than I need. (you know you do it too!) But what would I do if I ran out? What if I ran out of yarn in the car 6 hours from home in the middle of nowhere? Well that won't happen to me! Think 2 pairs of socks,2 scarves and a shawl is enough for a week? Maybe I had better pack an extra skein of sock yarn just in case? maybe 2

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mamakin said...

lmao - I think you should bring 3 extras in case of rain & you're stuck inside. You can never be too prepared when it comes to knitting. I'm going to have surgery this Tues & the following Tues & I'm taking socks I'm working onledn and since I'm learning to spin, I'm bringing that & making strips from the roving & putting them in little zip loc bags. Now really, do you think I'll get to do anything but watch an IV drip? Doubt it, but I'm bringing it all-just in case. lol :-) You're not alone. Have a great vacation!