Friday, July 13, 2007

WIP's,FO's and a NYC buy

So a report on wips:

Tubey: Sleeves done, picked up and started the body. 17" to go in k3p1 rib

WCEP: Have not touched it in days. Maybe this weekend.

I did finish 2 washcloths. The yarn is Shine from knitpicks. The green one is the Little Fountain Stitch from the book sp10 Beth sent me. The blue is just horsing around. I like the softness of this yarn but is has no give whatsoever.

Last week I went out and got the book Faveroite Socks from Interweave press. I have cast on for the Waveing Lace socks. So far so good, I knit the cuff and the first 3 rows last night. A little slow going but I am enjoying it. We will see how it looks when I get the first repeat done.

When in NYC I also bought this:

This little red beauty is the KnowKnits bag I picked up while in NYC. This little waterproof bag just hangs from my wrist and I can walk down the street and knit away. I love it, I use it all the time. There is a small loop with a snap on the inside to help keep the yarn in order when pulling the working yarn out of the bag, as well as a draw string to keep it closed. The wrist strap has a snap so it is easy to put on and off. I like to keep a small easy project in there for walking to the park. I did in fact walk down the street in NYC knitting away on a sock. Some folks asked what I was doing, One lady looked at me like this was the best idea she had seen in a long time. She did not say anything but the look on her face told the story...Duh! I could make one of those!

I guess I could have made one but when I saw them in The Point I had to have it then so I could knit the yarn I was buying right away...whats a girl to do?

All in all a very handy little bag.

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