Thursday, August 02, 2007

1st Place

OK so today is August 2nd and the Chicago Cubs are in first place! yeah!
now no more talking about it. I don't want to jinx them!

In other news. I got a big bonus from the boss this week! Most of it will go to cover bills, upcoming birthdays for hubby and MG, and back to school stuff. However, I did save some back for some stash enhancement.( a pretty good size chunk) I placed an order with Simply Sock Yarn for a skein of Shaffer Anne and one of Claudia hand painted. I have read alot about these yarns and just really wanted them in the stash! There is a a good amount of yarn $$ left to be spent. I am thinking I may treat myself to some Noro...
GAL got me a ball winder for my birthday so I may get a swift to go with it... It will have to wait untill she comes for her visit.
Mom comes in 2 weeks! I can't wait to see her. We don't get to spend enough time together.

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