Sunday, August 12, 2007


So the little tweed jacket I am working on is the Tomten by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The yarn I am using is Jo Sharp DK Tweed in a nice earthy brown color. I am loving this yarn. It is wool with a touch of silk and a wee little bit of chasm ere. I love the feel of the fabric soft but not too soft. all I have so far is 30 rows of garter stitch so no pic today. I do feel like I picked the right yarn for the pattern. The Tomten is a Swedish gnome type guy who does good deeds. When I read this I remembered the Brownie story from Girl Scouts. How could I not knit one?
The whole thing is garter so it should knit up pretty fast. In her pattern EZ tells us that the garter stitch stretches, so the sweater will grow with the wearer. I hope this is true as MB is growing like a weed! I think I will knit on button bands instead of a zipper. I may have to try to knit one of these for myself someday. Did you see Brooklyn Tweeds version? So cool! I like EZ's patterns I am not always sure how it will come out but so far if I just keep plugging away it turns out all right in the end.
MG has asked me for a poncho. I am not a big fan of the poncho but if that is what she wants I guess I will knit one for Christmas. I have looked at tons of patterns but I am not really feeling it. After Tomten is done we will see. I kind of want to make her a Tomten too. I am sure when she sees MB's she will want one, never fails.

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