Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bubble Wrap

I finished the "at work" sock. I will not be knitting the 2nd sock but I will explain that later. Here is the new pair I am working on. The pattern is from Sock Bug and the yarn is Lorna's Laces in the Red Rover colorway. The color in the pic is close. Kind of a pinkie red to reddish lav. I chose this colorway because it reminded me of some of my favorite color filters I use when doing lighting design. Very "musical theatre" as we say. I like to use a bright red in every show I do. it is sort of my thing. When I can not get away with this color on stage I hang a light backstage with this color ( Roscolux 27). If you want to know more about color filters let me know.

As for the sock info I am using my KnitPicks size 1 dpn's. The pattern is super easy to remember and the yarn is soft and yummy. The pattern calls for 2 circs but I love my dpn's. I have put the sweater knitting on hold for a while... Why you might ask? Well you see today was the 6th day in a row with temps in the upper 90's. It is so humid right now that you can feel the wall of ick as soon as you open the door. Winston is not happy about this. He does not get much relief at night either. He is staying in.

Mom will be here on Friday! The MK's are beside themselves with joy. MG will start 1st grade next week while Mom is here so we will be busy. She still has to pick her outfit and get her hair cut.

The babysitter took away all toys made in China today and MG is very upset that her Polly Pocket has been recalled. She has told us she does not want any new toys from china. She has been checking everything she can find. Jeez one more thing to worry about.

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