Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hey GAL and GAH

You know who you are... Mom and I are going to dye some yarn tomorrow for MG's poncho. I am going to keep some of this yarn and Mom is going to take some home so she and GAL can both knit on one half while I work on the other half for a while. My plan is to send my half to GAH when I am about half way done and ask her to knit the rest. Then MK will have a Christmas gift from all the knitters in her life and no one has to knit the whole thing. I have not yet asked GAL and GAH about this plan but I have a feeling they will say yes. If they don't Mom and I have to knit the whole thing and they will miss all the fun. I am hoping GAL will do the edge as I suck at it.
Mom and I are having a great time. The MK's are being as cute as they can be. School starts tommrow. I will be back with a full report on that. BTW Mom and Jan are going to teach the kiddos all about guide dogs. Should be fun.

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