Friday, August 03, 2007

Baseball and yarn

I posted yesterday that the Cubs were in first place, so they lost last night, of course they did! They are still tied for first though. No more posts about the Cubs till their season is over!!!
Hubby has been watching Barry Bonds try to catch Hank Aaron, I wish he would just hit the damn home run so we can watch something else! Maybe today is the day. All of this Baseball watching has given me some good knitting time though. I am working on a stealth project as well as a new pair of socks. I have pics to post but can't from work! I will post them this weekend. I am knitting Jaywalkers. I know I am the last knitter in blog land to knit these but I just started this sock knitting thing so I don't feel too behind. I like the way it looks I just wish I could do those double decreases a little faster. I have solved my SSK problem so I can knit all the socks I want!
Which leads me to the stash building I have been doing. I went to my LYS yesterday and got some great stuff. I need to take pictures outside to show the colors best. Those will post this weekend as well. Lets just say it was so much fun to walk in and buy whatever I wanted! I am a bad shopper, I always feel like I am spending too much but not this time! The 7 hanks of Koigu and 2 balls of Debbie Bliss cashmerino are happily getting to know the rest of the stash in my closet. The Koigu is just beautiful and the DB is so soft I want to just pet it all day.
one more thing: Mom will be here 2 weeks from today! GAL comes 4 weeks from today! Mom and I are just going to enjoy being together for a week. She will be here for the first day of school. MG wants to take her and her guide dog for show and tell. GAL will be learning to knit socks when she is here. I got her some dpn's and dyed her some sock yarn. Yes I know she reads this but I told her about it already so its all good. I can't wait to see them, one advantage to being so far apart is that the time together is truly special and we treasure every minute. I have some good friends here but there is just nothing quite like having my Mom and Aunt close to me. I am lucky to have them both.

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