Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gaff tape can fix anything

So Hubby went to go out to the store last week and found he had locked his keys is his work van. He tried in vain for about 30 minutes to hook the door handle with a bent up coat hanger and pull up to open the door. I go out and ask him: "Well do you pull the handle toward you to open the door?" He smacks himself in the head, takes my keys and goes to the store. When he returns he manged to get the window down about 1/4 inch so he took a roll of gaff tape and some dowel rods we had in the garage, taped them together (a-la the Brady kids). Then he taped a hook to the end... We got the door open on the first try. The door opening stick now hangs in the garage with the rest of the tools.
For those who don't know Gaff tape is a cloth tape. Unlike duck tape it does not leave a sticky mess on everything and you can get it off if you want. It come in many colors but black is most common. Any theatre techie will tell you it is the best tape in the world and to never use duck tape in their theatre. Over the years I have used it to tape costumes together repair torn stage curtains, make props, tape up cables...the list is long. I never leave home without it. You can get this fabulous tape from your local theatrical supplier. Leave a comment if you need help finding it.

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Julie said...

I wonder if that's similar to the tape used in the US Navy... comes in several colors, signifying different uses. Waterproof is green, electrical is (I think) black, and as I recall there's a super-sticky variety.

I've pulled the skin off my own fingers with book-binder's tape before, so keep that in mind if you ever need something like that, too.