Friday, August 31, 2007

The Warehouse

Here are the promised pictures of items from my warehouse .

We found Jimmy in a large box away from his base. When we mated them up he really looked great. He alone is taller than I am. This is a mannequin wearing a suit that a prop maker finished to look like this. His is in perfect shape and looks like the real thing until you touch him. I would like to meet the artist who made him. We all kind of love him.

The motorcycles are really cool. They spit exhaust and light up. I bet they work great on stage.
Someone put in a lot of time on these.

The Dragon puppet is a really cool thing. I wish I had a better photo, but I can not lift it by myself. It is the type used for Chinese New Year. It has places inside for 4 plus someone with the head. The fabric is all silk and in great shape. Not in the picture is a 2nd puppet. A tiger of the same size. What a crazy thing to find.

There is these gems and so much more. Some items of note:
The Wells Fargo wagon...This prop is driven on stage by the actor.
A player piano
A bust of Abe Lincoln, and a small cow.
It just keeps getting better and better!


Anonymous said...

what cool things!!!

--your sp11

Tia said...

As far as treats… Hmmm… I know I can have Junior Mints. Everything else really is hard unless you go to an actual health food store. The clerk could tell you what is gluten-free. I’m trying to think of something, but I don’t know what is common out there.

I love surprises. Plus, I think that really allows the pal to have fun coming up with stuff. J

What did ya buy? ;) ;)


Beth said...

Great looking props, it just keeps getting better.

Lorena said...

Okay, you may have the Coolest. Job. Evah!