Sunday, September 02, 2007

I am a happy knitter!

Gal is here and for my birthday she got me a ball winder and a swift! Does she know how to make a knitter happy or what? We have been busy sharing patterns and going to yarn shops to pet the yarn. I am sending her home with a large box of yarn for her Charity knitting as well as a book or 2 to barrow.I think she is planing a Log Cabin blanket from MDK to use up her leftover baby yarns. I don't lend out my books often but GAL is special. She is my Mothers twin and a great aunt. I have many fond memories of Gal from growing up and it makes me happy to see her with my Monsters. She and MG have been exercising together. MG just like to be where GAL is. I am glad my little girl has such great women in her life. She is a well loved monster.
MG is also very fond of her GAL 's 4 legged pal Future. Future is a retired guide dog (Mom's first, Yellow Lab with a little pink on her nose) She is a sweet girl and getting on in years. MG knows this and has spent much of the visit tilling MB to be gentle with the old girl. They lay on the floor together and MG whispers in her ear "I love you Future...You are a good girl" It is really rather cute. The MK's are doing their best to be cute love able monsters rather than the crazy naughty kind so its all good.
There will be pictures of GAL's visit( and Future Too) in the next post as well as my answers for HSKS3.

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on the wings... said...

You are a very lucky gal to receive such wonderful "toys" to add to the knitting corner/room.