Friday, September 07, 2007

Someone knit for me!

See this pretty thing? My Mom knit it for me while she was here. The yarn is a super yummy Misti Alpaca hand dye, color Spanish Rose. It is soft and comfy to wear. I gotta tell ya I love this yarn. I would love to knit a sweater out of it but at $20.00 per skein (220 Yards) I think not. Thank You Mom I love my scarf and will wear it often.
In other Knitting news... MB's sweater is coming along. He asks about a hundred times a day when it will be done. The lesson here is never tell the 3 year old monster that you are knitting them a sweater.
Mom got the first third of MG's poncho knit. I will send it off to GAH as soon as GAL forwards her e-mail address (hint hint)

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