Saturday, September 15, 2007

The warehouse sale

So far I have not sold any of the items seen here. Jimmy, dragon, and the motorcycles are all still there... but all is not lost.. i sold about $10,000 worth of crap this week! Yes that is ten thousand! Yeah me!I had lots of help from 2 guys from work. The Talker and Dreadlocks worked their butts off for me and I love them for it. Also Dreads is the Owners son,20 years old and pretty cute. The Talker never stops talking so he sold tons of stuff for me. One guy left after spending almost $3000.00. I still have enough stuff for a swap meet. This was not a public sale. We invented 350 clients. I will now have to open it up to the public at large. That is going to be nuts. The ads will go up next week.
In knitting news I got the yarn for Hubby's sweater today. I really want to cast it on but I should finish MB's 2 sleeve first. I got one of the new Harmony wood needle tips from Knit Picks. I love them. They are so pretty and the finish is perfect. They have a nice sharp point I really want the whole set... Well Christmas is coming.

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on the wings... said...

You got a circular needle or dpn's? Wow, they look pretty. If you got the circular, how's the connection? Smooth like Addi's? Is this to finish off the Tomten?
Your hsks3 pal spoiler, Laurie