Thursday, September 20, 2007

To block or not to block?

I have finished knitting the Tomten sleeves. This leaves seaming and button bands. What I don't know is do I block it then seam it up or do I seam then block? Anyone?
This means I can start a new project! I have the yarn for the Cobblestone pullover but not the right needle cable so I need to order that.
I am thinking of a color work project for Hubby and MG. I am going to try and design a fair isle guitar strap. I am thinking a felted one for MG and a finer gauge one for Hubby. He has several guitars without straps and it is small enough I might be able to keep it a secret from him.
I also have a stealth project going for a swap pal... is it you? hehehe

By the way...
This is the 100th post! Yeah me!

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Beth said...

I think you block first to ease any size differences. KNow what I mean? I just tried to block a scarf the other day, had it all blocked out on our bedroom floor, only to find my 4-year-old found it and pulled it all up for me. Urgh!