Monday, September 17, 2007

Notes on Harmony

I was asked about my new Harmony Needles so I thought I would add a few notes on the subject now that I have given them a test drive. I got 1 set of Options tips (size8) and one set of DPN's (size5) I love them both. The options set is great anyway and the join on these is the same as the metal ones. They are smooth all the way the the threads and that connection gives me no problem what so ever. My only problem with them is I need a longer cable ( i have only a 24"). Guess I will have to shop...
The DPN's are great. I like the nice sharp points. Most wood DPN's that I could afford have stubby points (yes even my Britney's). I don't like stubby points unless all I need to do is a knit stitch. The finish on the needle is wonderful. Very smooth. The color is so much fun.
I got the tips for Hubbys sweater and the dpn's just cause I wanted them. I would love a set of Rosewood dpn's but can't see spending upwards of $20.00 on a set. The Harmony's are a fine sub for me and I can get 2 or 3 sets for the price of the Rosewood. just to be fair I have never knit with the RW I just love the color of the wood.

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