Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well thats done

Well I did it. I quit my job. Starting a week from Monday I will be home with my kids and selling hand dyed yarns on Esty. I will also be doing other at home work (more on that later). First order of business is to get the house clean and pick up the yard.
The MK's are over the moon about it. MG is ready for Mom to walk to school with her everyday and maybe come to the school for lunch once in a while. I am so happy!

VP#2 understands my reason for leaving and is fine with that. He says he will call me if he needs anything. Pres and VP#1 both said they are sorry to see me go but understand. I know my clients will be well taken care of. I am sure I will still get lots of calls on the cell from folks in the local theatre community. I have been the answer girl for them for 5 years and it might be a hard habit for them to break. I have already had one offer to Stage Manage a show but turned it down. I had very little interest in the piece and life is way too short to do bad Theatre for no $$.

In knitting news I think I will be on Ravelry within the week!
Tomten is done! I will get a picture of it on MB tonight.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

congrats and good on ya!
--your SP11

Lorena said...

Catching up on my reading! Congratulations! That is fantastic, and clearly I have some other reading to do to catch up on your life. I'm so excited for you, living the dream! Will you get to come back every once and an while and visit that desk, though...? ;p

Beth said...

Good for you! I've just catching up on reading your blog. I've been thinking of you. I'll be following your story - so, exciting for you and your family. I'll visit your Etsy store today and tell my local knitting group about it.