Friday, September 28, 2007

What a day!

Look what I got today! After the 2nd day of the public warehouse sale I came home to find a parcel from Germany! My SP11 sent me a great package. The little bag is a great size for a small project and inside were all types of goodies. There was Chocolate (the MK's got the little umbrella shaped ones before I could get the picture) a cute little note pad, a sock blocker key chain, a very nice smelling sachet from Scouts Swag, and a little pot of jam ( I think it is jam I can't read German) but the best part was the yarn and the scarf!. She knit me My So Called Scarf in Wollmeise Lammdoehwolle in Koralle im Meer. I love it!!! The colors are great. I don't have anything like it. I have it on right now. I love to wear a scarf in the chilly weather. The yarn is beautiful sock yarn. I can't read the label because of the not speaking German thing but I think its cool to have a yarn I clearly can not get here in the Heartland. The label reads:


Handgefarbte Sockenwolle ( I am pretty sure this means Hand Dyed Sock Wool)

The color is just gorgeous! I love it love it love it! It is a 60/20/20 blend and I can not wait to knit with it! Thank you so much SP11 You made my day! could you help me out with the translation?

Right after opening the goodies I went to check my email and I got my Ravelry invite! I am sandyknits. I just had time to poke around a little I can feel myself getting sucked in already! I need to set up a flicka account and get started.

The public warehouse sale has been a festival of weirdness. Every junk collector in town has been in and gone a little nuts. People are pretty overwellmed by the things I have, Most of the stuff there you won't see anywhere else. I sold $4000.00 worth of stuff today alone. I wonder what tomorrow holds... VP#2 is handling things tomorrow and I have the day off. He said he did not want help and I am to stay home as I have worked 3 weekends this month already. I got one of the other managers to "drop by" and help him out anyway. He is going to need it cuz all the folks that came the last 2 days will be back looking for a deal. Yeah he'll need help. I expect my phone to ring many times.

As for work, my co workers are coming to terms with the fact that I am leaving and the Boss now think they may need to hire 2 people to do all the things they had me doing.( I could have told them this and have in fact many times) When the boss asked me to list all the things I do he was shocked. He then asked me how much they were paying me (boss does not keep track of that stuff VP#1 does) He said he was sorry. Gee I should have told them I was going to quit a lot sooner! Oh well I am at peace with my choice. I will miss some of the people there but I will not miss the grind or 50 hour work weeks.

and now I am off to find the perfect pattern for my new Sockenwolle in Ravelry land


Anonymous said...

i believe it is 60% merino, 20% silk, 20% ramie (plant fiber) or bamboo, i can't remember which one it was. glad you liked the package, it was fun putting everything together. the thing from scout is a "stash saver" meaning it repells those awful moths. -- your sp11

on the wings... said...

Wollmeise! Wow! I understand this wool is yummy. How special for you! Very hard to get here in the states. The package is a nice way to start the fall.