Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tomten and comments

Well here is MB in his Tomten isn't he cute? too bad the thing is pretty much too small now!

The yarn is Jo Sharp Silkraod DK Tweed 4 balls of color#411 Granary and 1 ball of color 405 Emporio. Knit on a size 6 needle. I guess I should have used a 7.Oh well he can wear it this fall. Maybe I can block it out a little more.

Thank you for your comments on the Notes on life post. I love that knitting bloggers support each other not just with the knitting but in real life too! and Thanks to Beth for reminding me I am a good Mom! Sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else.

I have had to turn comment moderation on because someone named Adam whose blogger profile left some crap comment about an ab burning website. Anyone who knows me knows I do not need crap like that. So if you are here to just spam me please go away. Now can someone tell me how I can remove a comment? I really don't want to advertise for these folks.

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on the wings... said...

There is a way to delete unwanted comments...can't quite remember...go to blogger help and there should be something there. Next to the comment there should also be a little garbage trash bin. Click on that...

Sweater looks masculine and great on the kiddo.

Congrats on making a life-changing decision. Let everyone know when you get Etsy up and running!