Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rip it up

Remember my Tubey Sweater? Yeah well I just took it off the needle to try it on and the thing is huge! Yep fits me like a sack.I made the sleeves a little too long and if I had boobs the sweater would fit great.I hate to do it But I think I will rip it out and use the yarn for another sweater. My gauge is right on so I'm not really sure what the deal is. Oh well live and learn. no sense finishing the thing if I can't wear it. I have done up my first colorway for my forth coming Esty shop. It is drying now and I really love it. Up next a hand painted called Crunchy Leaves. I am going to try a new method so we will See how it goes.

Ravelry is really a time sucker. I could spend all day looking at patterns and projects. I am so inspired.
Now to my knitting...Hubby took the kids to the zoo so I could have some quite time. Gotta love that guy.

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Tia said...

Hey, Trouble. You could send it to me. ;) I want to make Tubey as well. I just have to decide of a color combo. We'll see.

Thank you for the sweet comment. That has quickly became my favorite pic!