Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Tale of Sweeney Todd...

When I did up the first round of this colorway I dyed the yarn with food safe dyes. I have been trying to repeat it with acid dye and I think I got it. Sweeney is all about the blood, both fresh spilled and stains years old. Here we have blood red mixed with burgundy and reddish brown. The color in the photo is pretty good. The brown is much deeper. That is 2 -250 yard skeins of superwash wool sport weight. Going into the shop tomorrow.
I have also listed some Cuticle balm in the shop. I discovered when I made the lip balm that this stuff was great on the rough spots on my hands. So good in fact I use a different lip balm for my lips and these have become for my hands.
For those going to the Estes wool market I am going to have a find Sandy give away. If you find me at the market and know the answer to life the universe and everything, I will give you a little prize. I will post before I go what to look for. I am hoping to meet lots of people and spread the BunkyBoBo's love a little!
ps this answer comes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Never fear if you are not going to the market. I will have another give away when I get back.

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