Saturday, May 10, 2008

All right now...

This is just getting stupid. When I was with my folks my Mom and I went to buy a pair of jeans. I have been buying the same size at the same store for 10 years or so. I hit the sales rack and found a pair that fit. it was 7 sizes smaller than the ones I had on from the same store. They were even the same fit. Now I am a little person but not this little. When I got home I lay ed them out on top of the pair I was wearing and they were the same size! What are these people doing? Pick a sizing system and clue me in will ya? This playing with the sizes is making me nuts. You do this with kids clothes too. Please pick one.

I should add that I bought new underwear the other day. The same brand/fit/size I have been buying for years and they are too damn big. Like a whole size bigger. wtf people! Quit changing the sizes will ya? I hate baggy panties!

That is all.

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