Friday, December 31, 2010

Bad Blogger no cookie!

Wow I have been a bad blogger this year! Never did get photos of the gifts I knit this Christmas. Oh well.

At the moment I have no new knitting started. I have been working on the 2 Neville sock (I knit the 1st this past summer). I think New Years calls for a new and just for me project. Time to stash dive for something to cast on tonight.

The kids had a great Christmas. Santa brought a bunch of board games and we have been enjoying them. Tonight I think its Clue and Sorry. Funny that my kids love these so much. I got the same thing when I was their age. Hubby has been teaching Bunky and Bobo to play chess. Pretty cute I must say.

I hope 2011 finds you and yours safe, well and happy! I will do my best to be a better blogger in 2011

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