Monday, June 29, 2009


Wow so lots is going on and I have not blogged any of it. I would show you finished knitting if my camera battery had not died or I could find the cable for my crackberry. Its been one of those kind of days. I have new knitting and yarn photos to take but see above. I will fix this little problem today.

The Sock Summit yarns were all done until I heard they were having a contest. Have to see what I can come up with for that. I did 3 colorways you can only get there. I was listening to Jimi Hendricks that day. Can't wait to show you.
Above is Monkey Boy and Jan, Moms guide. They are good buddies. Jan got to meet her first horse on our trip. A 30 year old Belgian named Fred. The boss cowboy at Snow Mountain Ranch was just in love with Jan. He loves dogs and wanted Jan to meet his buddy Fred. Neither one of them seemed to care one way or another.

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