Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Well August is upon us and that means I need to start thinking about Holiday gifting season. I have not knit as many gift projects this year as I did last so I really need to get crackin'. I love this planing stage. Its so fun to make list and gather patterns and yarn.

Sock Summit is this weekend. I hope everyone has a great time. Be Sure to stop by booth 808 and see the folks at Knit-a-Bit. They have BunkyBobo's yarns as well as many other great yarns. I can't wait to hear all about it.

13 days left of summer break. Back to school here we come!

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alittleweirdo said...

Picked up a skein of your yarn at Sock Summit (khazad-dun) colorway and am excited to knit with it :) Also love that the yarn came with a lip balm (which smells yummy!). Wish I'd picked up some of the SS exclusive colorways now!