Saturday, August 22, 2009

MiL's birthday scarf

Here is the Baktus scarf I made for Mil. Yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy In the Vino Colorway. I love this yarn! The color is very hard to capture. I want to buy every Dream in Color colorway there is! I have made this scarf 4 times now and I keep giving it away. I will be making at least 3 more as I think this would make a great teacher gift.
In other knitting news: Gytha is coming along. I am knitting the first sleeve then I need to finish the back and 2nd sleeve. I hope to have it done for sweater weather.
I am also working on the 2nd green gansey sock. These have been otn forever. I will be happy to have them done for this fall.
In BunkyBobo's news: I got a bunch of yarns back from SS09 that I will be listing next week. The gals at Whole Foods on Wednesday night got first pick but I still have lots of pretty sock yarn here.
One last thing for the knitters: My friend Carin of Lime&Violet fame has a new video pod cast all about her knitting life. Please check it out.

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Mamma Spice said...

That scarf is stunning. It's a great example of how the yarn makes or breaks a simple pattern.