Monday, September 07, 2009


So we are 3 weeks into the new school year and the kids are loving it. MB loves kindergarten. His teacher says he is doing well. Bunky is very happy in the 3rd grade. She has more homework this year which she does with little drama every night. So far anyway.

On the job front: I had an interview last week. I hope to hear from them this week. Don't want to say to much until I know more, but the job sounds like a good fit for me. Fingers crossed.

In knitting news: I am now working on the i-cord edge of the log cabin blanket. I took care of the loose ends before I started the i-cord. There were tons of them. I figure this way when I finish the edge it will be done. I am rather pleased with the way it came out. Also otn are some new socks for Hubby, yet another Batkus and Gytha sleeve one.

In theatre news: If you are local try to get to the Dowtown Space (BlueBarn Theatre) and see Hubs in Richard III. One of my all time favorite shows. In fact the first Shakespeare play I ever worked on. I was part of the crew. We were dressed as beggars and our job was to remove all the dead bodies. I fell in love with the techie side of things on this show. Its not everyday that you get to behead someone on stage. Fun little bit of creative problem solving. It was freshmen year in high school.

Well I'm off. Hubby and I are taking the kids to the lake for some fishing. I plan to sit in the shade and finish that sleeve.

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