Monday, September 28, 2009


Man 2 weeks and no post. Lots has happened but the biggest news is I got a job offer! I am just waiting for the background check to come through. As long as that checks out ( and I see no reason it shouldn't) I will be back to working full time by the end of October! I can not even tell you how happy I am about it. I have been looking for full time work for 3 months. The kids are happy for me. This means that the family budget will open up a bit with more money for movies and fun things. I think over the last 2 years the kids and I have done just about every free thing there is to do in town. I hope to take them to pick apples next weekend. I love to go pick my own apples and have taken the kids every fall, they love it too.

As for Knitting: My Gytha sweater body has to be frogged and reknit as it is too big and the gauge is off. My problem is I knit my swatch flat and the body is knit in the round. Opps. I'll pick it up again in 2010. I have been in gift knitting mode for the last few weeks. Hubby's birthday socks are almost done. Also done is 1 of 2 teacher gifts, Fil and GS both have new scarves coming and Mil&LtCol's blanket just need i cord edging.

I am working on a shawl for the kids school Holiday Auction. I will also be doing a Christmas stocking for the auction. GAH has made the family Christmas stockings since before I was born so I have never knit one before. Should be fun. If you would like to donate an item for the auction leave me a comment. All money from this event will go to buy another mobile computer lab for the school. Our gaol is a computer on every student desk so we need to raise a lot. The school has 2 portable labs and the computer lab so only 3 classes can use them at any one time. the more portable labs (class size group of laptops) the better. The auction will be all handmade items.

The rest of the holiday 09 knit list is not too bad. I have a few hats to do and a cowl for someone Hubby works with. Not too bad at all.

This new job means I will need a new wardrobe. I have not had to wear anything but jeans and t shirts for the last 10 years so I need to go out and buy a few things. So all shop items are still on sale!

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