Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So Hubby's new hat is done,blocked,wrapped and under the tree. That was the last of my Christmas Knitting so now I can knit for myself. I finished a pair of socks yesterday. Now I get to pick a new sock project today. My sock yarn stash is getting a little thin. I have not bought any sock yarn since last Christmas. After we do our taxes might be a good time to refit the sock stash.

On to new projects: I got a huge bag of acrylic yarn from GAH and Mom so I pulled a bunch out and started a blanket for my Dad. Just a small one for his lap when he is doing the crossword. Hope this one doesn't take me a year to finish. I also started a new colorwork hat for myself. I'm not so sure I love the colors... It may end up in the 2010 gift pile.

I have everything ready for Christmas. Hubby and I decided to go easy on the gifts this year so we had a little extra to spend on food for a great Holiday meal. All homemade, no boxes. We both love to cook so it should be fun. I am going to make sweet rolls, applesauce, beer bread and black forest pie. Should be a whole day of family fun in the kitchen.
I had thought I would be working this Christmas but it has not turned out that way. I am glad to be able to spend this time with Bunky and Bobo. We have been baking cookies and making crafts. The cool thing is I managed to give a handmade Christmas this year. Well I bought stuff for the kids but everyone else got handmade. Feels pretty good

Just a short word on the political news of the day. I am starting to think I could run for the US congress. Seems to me you don't have to be smart. Just willing to sell you soul and your state to the highest bidder. Come on people... One side can't keep it together and the other side just wants to see our President fail at everything, no matter what. MB's Kindergarden class is better behaved than this bunch of well paid, overgrown children. On second thought I may just be too grown up to run for Congress. Oh and I have morals and ethics. Puts me right out.

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