Monday, August 02, 2010

Whats Up

So it has been a busy summer here! The kids have been off doing all kinds of fun stuff this summer. Monkey Boy did not like roller skating at all. "It hurts my butt Mommy" He did enjoy bowling and spending every Friday at the pool! Bunky has been busy with her friends. My boss had given my a gift card for a pedicure so I took Bunky to the nail place and got both our nails done. She giggled the whole time. She kept telling the lady that tickles but I am not sure if she understood. She was a very nice lady and Bunky was thrilled when she was done with her bright blue nails.

Phoebe is visiting this week. She is pretty happy with all the laps around here. She just waits around until someone is settled on the couch and pounces. She can be found as I type this snuggled up with MB getting her belly rubbed.

I have no new knitting to speak of. Just plugging away on stuff. I'm in one of those ruts where you feel like you are knitting all the time and getting nowhere fast. I really want to cast on my EZ birthday sweater. Fall and winter look a lot closer this side of August 1st! I can not wait for handknit sock weather!

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