Monday, April 27, 2009


We had 2 really nice summer like days last week which I wasted playing outside with Monkey Boy. Yep. Got next to nothing done just had fun with the kiddos. Pretty great. Well I am paying for it now with a pile of yarn and knitting to take pictures of and no sunshine to do it in.

Knitting: I am knitting the last square for the Log Cabin blanket today. I hope to start the border soon. I also finished up a hat to go with Bunky's new scarf and started a new hat of my own design.

Shop: I dyed up more St Crispins Day and Lady MacBeth the other day. I am also working on some merino rovings. I hope to do a big update in time for my birthday.

Speaking of birthday. It's next week. The kids made me write a list of presents I want. Monkey Boy keeps reading it to himself. He has been carrying it around with him. Pretty cute kid that one.

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