Monday, April 13, 2009


Yikes a whole week and no post. Sorry. I have been busy keeping the house clean and trying not to chew my fingernails off. We are feeling the budget squeeze here pretty tight. Too tight to really keep up and its taking its toll on me. I have mostly kept our money woes off the blog because of the feeling I can't shake. If I had just kept my job... But Dammit what I am doing now is so important for my kids. and I will have more time for work when MB starts school in the fall. We just have to hold on for a little while longer. I hope we can. I think we can and then curve ball. My washing machine is not working. There is something wrong with the spin cycle. Hubby has tried and says he can not fix it, I will have to call a repair man. The budget says not this week. I see a trip to the laundry mat in my future. Grr. I hate the laundry mat. Oh well there good knitting time to be had there. I hope it can be fixed, I fear for my fingernails if it can not.

Because there is always knitting even in bad times: I have finished the big orange thing I have been knitting for Bunky's teacher. We have no sun here so pictures will have to wait. I am back to work on the rmnt log cabin blanket. I want to have it finished before we head to the condo in june. Should be no problem. I need 3 more squares.

In shop news I got some merino roving the other day. It is wonderfully soft and takes dye like a dream. When the sun decides to return I will get some pictures.
I have also got me June PhatFiber samples done and all the supplies for july lined up. July will be a non wool box. I dye all wool and wool blends so I am sending Jessie a big batch of lip balm for july. The feedback on the lipbalm has been great. I am glad people like it.
I think I see the sun poking out, now where did I put the camera?

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Mamma Spice said...

Have you tried googling the appliance samurai? I have fixed a few things around the house with the help of the All Wise, All Knowing Appliance Samurai. Examples-- retrieving crap from the washer's pump and proping open the float so the dishwasher will actually drain.