Thursday, January 07, 2010

another snow day!

Here we have LtCol's socks. I finished the above sock last night. The yarn here is Dream in Color colorway: Chinatown Apple. I think its manly enough. Pattern is a 4st basket weave in the leg and a plain foot. LtCol likes to hike in the Rockies so these should be perfect. His birthday 9 months away so plenty of time on these.
Above is Dads Log Cabin blanket. I'm just making it up as I go along. The basic idea comes from Mason/Dixon Knitting. Unlike the Rocky Mnt Log Cabin I did for Mil and LtCol, this one is knit in one piece. No more of this sew the squares together crap for me thankyouverymuch. The plan is to knit on it till I can't stand the sight of it and call it done. The yarn here is from a big bag of random accrylic I got from Mom and GAH and GAL. as a side the note the RMLC blanket was a huge hit! Mil and LtCol took it with them to the condo.

And now for the me knitting. Above you see the Multnomah shawl.
Done is Dream in Color Starry Nightwatch. Hubby got me a Loopy Ewe gift card for Christmas! The color in the pic is not that great. it is a deep blue and has a silver strand in it. very pretty so far. I do love me the Dream in Color! I have a few more garter rows than the feather and fan bit.

this is the 5th snow day the kids have had in what is really 3 weeks of classes. As I understand it we will now have to make up time somewhere. I had better ask about that when the kids go back to school. We have a ton of snow here. The drifts are as tall as I am and I have run out of places to pile it. I hope the city does not have huge problems when this starts to melt. It could be very bad.

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Beth said...

That's alot of snow. Here in PA, the school district calls a 2-hour delay for a dusting of snow! I've not been posting regularly. I've been spending too much time on facebook!