Sunday, April 11, 2010

All the news

Wow so much has happened around here in the last week I will just give you the rundown with photos to follow.

The show I am working on War Paint opens in 4 days. My stuff is ready to go. I feel good about it. Hubby is very good in this. If you get a chance go see it. It's a great show.

I finished my baby hat and sweater for MMM. Pictures to follow

Mom and Dad were here. We had a great visit. Pictures to follow.

We have a clutch of baby bunnies living in the brick box around our light post in the front yarn. We have not yet seen Momma Bunny but she would not be around during the day. We counted 4 babies. We are staying hands off until we know if Momma is coming back.

I start my new job in the morning.

I got daycare all taken care of for the rest of the school year and this summer.

Bunky and I got Hubby to watch Doctor Who so now thanks to my dear friend Carin we are all Doctor Who nuts. New series starts next Saturday here in the USA. 7:00 pm here.

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