Saturday, April 03, 2010

Possum Watch

Friday morning before I took the kids to school the dogs chased this little guy right up a tree in our backyard. Poor little possum was so scared he/she stayed up there all day. Bunky took this photo around 6:00pm. The teenagers in the park saw her and started throwing stuff at him. Hubby had to use the big voice to get them to stop. The kids kept an eye on him until 10:00 pm and he was still up there. He is gone this morning. The kids are glad he got away. MB was worried somebodies dog might get him. I told MB I was sure the little possum was digging in some trash can last night looking for his dinner.

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Lorena said...

Oh no! Poor little guy. I hope he got back to his den safely. (I know, they're pests... BUT SO CUTE!)