Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hat and scarf

They do not go together but both were fun to knit. I got both patterns from my knitting pattern a day calendar I got for christmas. The scarf is called Flourish, I have also seen this stich pattern called fether anf fan it think.
The hat is the Helix Cap. I like this pattern. There is no jog in the stripe where you change color. I think I need a smaller needle next time as is is a tad big.. No worries though. My friend with the dreds will like it
In the photo you can also see that I got myself an old wig head. It works great for blocking caps. I want to find one that is a little bigger. This one is a little on the small side.
In other knitting news, I am still working on triangles for the stach blanket. that will take for ever. Maybe I will have it done for the holidays. I also just cast on my first bag design.. I liked my Center Square hat so much I am going to use the chart for a bag. I was not really happy with the bag I did for my little monster girl, so this bag will get the handles I bought for the other bag. The old bag will go to the land of misfit knits...

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