Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a great weekend with my folks. MB was a bit of a monster but hes 4 what ya gonna do?

It was nice to see them. The kids love them. They really like it when Grandpa rough houses with them. Poor Dad. I hope he is not too sore

We went to the zoo Sunday and met this cheeky monkey. She didn't get anything from us. She was looking at a little kid eating Fruit Loops. All of the monkeys were out playing. It was really fun to watch them. There were tons of people there. It was the first nice Sunday of the summer. I did notice a lot of tree damage from last weeks storm.
After I take the kids to the park today I am going to post 4 new colorways, and work on dyeing the fiber I got last week. I also have a pattern to write up. I want to have it test knit before sharing it.

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