Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inside the indie Studio

So I started writing a feature for Lime & Violets Daily Chum. Inside the indie Studio. The response so far has been good. I have a stack of e-mail from people who want to play. It is sort of a fiber arts version of Inside the Actors Studio, With James Lipton. I personally feels he gives one of the best interviews on TV. Check it out. Next weeks guest is Adminnie of L&V fame. Big Fun!

The knitting of the acrylic afghan for Mil and LtCol is underway. I am doing a sort of knit a quilt kind of thing. When I have a few more blocks done I'll show you. I wanted to start this one early because I can so easily get bored with it I wanted to have a long time to finish it. I have until Christmas 2009 to get it done. No worries right? I'm calling it Rocky Mountain Log Cabin sort of.
I got 3 14oz skeins of this yarn at Michael's on sale for $3.50 a skein. so total cost is $10.50! I love that. Mil washes everything almost everyday so I wanted this to hold up.

I started a scarf out of one of my skeins of Wollmeise. I do love this yarn. I wanted to make a scarf to show it off. I have about 2 inches done. It will be the perfect thing for our summer trip to the Rockies. I need a lighter scarf there. It can still get pretty cold up there at night in June.

I made a mistake in the Gansey socks and had to frog. Only 5 rows but still.

7 More days until we have a new President. I hope he can live up to the hope he has given people. I have to believe that he can. He has a huge mess to deal with. I wish him luck and really good Secret Service people. I have a feeling Obama is going to need them both in the coming years. He will also need help from us and the Congress buts that a whole other kettle of fish isn't it?

One more week and I can wave a gleeful goodbye to GWB. I may even buy a bottle of wine.

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Soap Mogul said...

That was a great interview!